Updated Fall Hours!

Monday: 10am-2pm; 5-8pm
Tuesday: 10am-2pm; 5-8pm
Wednesday: 10am-2pm; 5-8pm
Thursday: 10am-2pm; 5-8pm
Friday: 5-7pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm





Reminder:  On October 24, 2021 Callers in New Hampshire will be required to dial the 3-digit area code 603 when making local calls to prepare for next July’s rollout of the 988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Why? The “988” number also happens to be a local exchange in many states, including New Hampshire.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is currently 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255). Starting July 16, 2022, those in crisis will also be able to dial 988

Remember to change your programmed speed dials in home or business phone systems and contacts in mobile devices to the 10 digit format that includes 603.



The meeting room reopens starting in July, with the stipulation that all groups thoroughly clean all surfaces (handles, switches, tables, chairs, floor, kitchen area) when finished, so that the next group that uses the space will have a safe place to meet.  Also, as before, all trash must be removed from the room and all tables and chairs stored away.

Also, the library will open evening hours starting on July 2nd for the summer from 10-2 and 5-8 pm Monday-Thursday and 5-7pm Friday, and 10-2 Saturday.  However, there will still be the 10-15 minute time limit for browsing only, with tables and chairs and children’s and reference rooms in the main library not available for use.

Thank you for your patience and community spirit while we navigate all these changes together.

Please visit our Updates page to learn more about the library’s current COVID procedures.

The building is open, but the library will still continue to offer curbside pickups for patrons who prefer it. You must place a reservation request for the materials you wish to borrow. Please reserve your material online from our website, or you can send us an email or give us a call. Once we have processed your request you will be notified, and your materials will be left under cover behind the large intralibrary ‘mailbox’ next to the meeting room door at the side of the library.

We will keep you informed as additional changes occur, and welcome your questions or concerns throughout these times. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all work together to keep our community safe. You can reach us at Librarian@smythpl.org/603-483-8245.

New Resources, Online Events, and More!

Please visit our Digital Services page and COVID-19 Info page to find useful information, instructions, and services that you have free access to with your library card. Additionally, age-specific resources to help with school closures and academics can be found on the Children’s and Teen pages. For more, check out these pages on our website to start exploring, downloading, and participating in these activities: 
FREE Books and Resources 
Online Events and Fun Activities

KANOPY is about to launch a brand new web interface and experience that makes it easier for patrons and librarians to discover their next favorite film.

Among other new features and improvements, the new user experience includes:

·         A complete search and browse overhaul which means users can find the films they need quickly and accurately.

·         A brand-new Continue Watching shelf that lets users easily pick up where they left off.

·         Easier play credit and time-to-expiration indicators that allow users to see their remaining credits and the time before a credit expires on a film or series.

·         A new Live Transcript tool that is a helpful for accessibility. It plays the transcript simultaneously while the video runs and also makes for easy copying and pasting when excerpting.

·         A new placement of the PPR Rights Indicator that lets librarians easily know which films are eligible for event screenings.

We invite you to a sneak peek of our new web experience by participating in our next Town Hall on Wednesday, November 10 at 12:30 PM PST. Please RSVP here

We look forward to receiving your input and hope to see you soon!

The Kanopy Team


Welcome to the new website!
I am neither walls nor shelves,
Nor even the books that stand in rows;
I am the wisdom of the universe
Captured and arranged for you;
I am an open door… 
Welcome to your library!