Looking to start your own genealogy research?

Our partnership with AncestryLibrary means you can now research your family history at the library.
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Click here to view a PDF document on starting your own family history research.

Questions to help you explore genealogy with family members:

  1. How did you choose my name?
  2. What was the hardest moment you had growing up?
  3. How would you describe yourself as a child?
  4. What was your best memory of childhood?
  5. What was your grandmother’s name?
  6. Where did she grow up?
  7. Do you know her maiden name?

NH Society of Genealogists: Virtual Meeting 
Saturday, September 26

Join the NHSOG with Jane E. Wilcox who will the meeting as a guest speaker. Jane will be focusing on finding our elusive female ancestors. Her topics will include the following: Finding American Women’s Voices through the Centuries: Letters, Journals, Newspapers, and Court Records; A Tale of Woe: An Eighteenth-Century Woman’s Story Using Original and Authored Sources; and Forget Me Not: Remembering Our Grandmothers’ Stories. Jane is a professional genealogist with her own company, Forget-Me-Not Ancestry, in Albany, NY. She lectures at local, regional, and national conferences. She is a member of the New York State Archives Advisory Committee and the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society’s Family History Advisory Committee. To attend this virtual meeting register at

Also check out Genealogy and NH History for further genealogy research!

Heritage Quest
Database for genealogy research. Click here to access the website, please call the library for our username and password.