Art Gallery

All are acrylic paint on birch board panels. Some drawing materials added. Completed 2017-2018. Five are based on sketches of Portsmouth, NH. Two are my rock series. Two are bridal bouquets, our two daughters’. (I take commissions to work from your photos for your family’s special flowers.)

When I Was Young
Sarah’s Bouquet
Karin’s Bouquet
Come, Gather In A Circle
Button Factory, Portsmouth
Custon House, Portsmouth
Ceres Bakery, Portsmouth

Artist Biography
New Hampshire native, born in Concord, 1946. Educated at UNH, BA 1968, Art Major. Produced limited edition prints in studios in Maryland and England. Recent projects: the publication of three books, author and illustrator. Illustrator of a fourth book. Talks and classes on the art of keeping a sketchbook and travel sketching.
All paintings are for sale except the bridal bouquets.

Sue Anne will teach 3 sketching classes called “Keeping A Sketchbook: Drawing Your World” on Jan. 15, Feb. 12, and Mar. 12; all classes are on Tuesdays at 6pm. Please register by calling 603-843-8245 or emailing

CURRENTLY FEATURED IN OUR GLASS CASE: Elizabeth Nutt, Silversmith, Candia, New Hampshire.
January 4, 1940 ~ October 22, 2016

Elizabeth Nutt always knew, since the age of 12 when she discovered metalworking at a summer camp in New Hampshire that she would grow up to be a silversmith.
She became all the more determined after meeting Irina Brynner at a League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair. The sophisticated Brynner, a famous jeweler and Yul Brynner’s cousin, made a big impression on the teenager.
By the time she was a senior in high school; Nutt had won a national award and saw her work exhibited at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. After graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art, she left her native Cleveland to buy a farm and build a studio in Candia, NH.
While building a national reputation for her work, she also taught and mentored dozens of aspiring craftspeople at the University of New Hampshire and served a quarter of a century as head of the Metalsmithing and Jewelry Department at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester. Her imaginative designs have inspired a generation of students.
The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen honored Nutt with a Lifetime Achievement Award.
The Smyth Library is honored and pleased to be able to display some of Elizabeth’s work below……

Congratulations to our own Stitching Up the World won the 2016 Spirit if New Hampshire Award for all of their volunteer work!