Binge Box

Binge Box allows you to check out multiple titles related to a specific theme. With over 70 different themes to choose from, each box contains 4 to 6 movies on DVD that will provide you with hours of viewing pleasure!

Binge Box provides many benefits:

  1. Maximized shelf space
  2. Optional processing that incorporates your building and catalog information
  3. Quarterly additions and updates to the available themes and titles 
  4. Downloadable marketing materials for promoting the boxes at your library (available at the Midwest Tape Resource Center

By offering multiple titles in one case, these volumes give you a new way to promote your DVD collection.

To start your order, head over to or fill out this form.
Contact Midwest Tape Customer Service at 1-800-875-2785 if you have any questions.

Learn more about Binge Box, below: 

DVD Binge Boxes are a great way to explore favorite actors, actresses, directors, cartoons, and themes! You will be able to enjoy quality themes such as: Dreamworks Studio, 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Never Travel with Tom Hanks, and many more!
To explore all 91 DVD Binge Box Themes, simply search “Binge Box” using the search bar when logged into the Midwest Tape website.

Not everyone has a subscription to Netflix or Hulu, but they still want to catch up on their favorite TV shows. The library is a great place to get all of the newest releases, such as Watchmen, releasing on June 2, or Doctor Who Season 12, releasing on June 9.
To learn more about all the new releases, please use the TV calendar.
Try the new Choose Your Own Fate Dungeon & Dragons Audiobook Series releasing May 26. You will be able to decide how they would escape from frost giants and zombies or if they find the Forever Lucky Stone to be a blessing or a curse. This is bound to entertain patrons of all ages while staying at home.