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Wednesday, July 11th at 6:30 pm
A mix of pure imagination, fun and music for the whole family! Kids and parents will blast it out when Odds Bodkin invites them to learn simple, catchy songs and really SING as part of The Rock ‘n Roll Three Little Pigs and Other Musical Tales!
Since 1982, Odds Bodkin has made his living as a master storyteller, author, creative musician and educator. He is renowned for his renditions of epic tales for universities and high schools and his ethics-based stories for children.

After School Programming– if your child needs to be picked up from the school, please read the information at the front desk with the signups

NEW GAME CLUB! Magic the Gathering!
First Wednesday of the month at 4pm
First Meeting: May 2nd

Sewing Club
Every Monday at 6:30pm Starting in October unless closed.

Art Club (K-5)
First Thursday of each month at 3pm, kids will be learning about and recreating the work of different artists using different supplies including: coffee filters, canvas, yarn, and tissue paper.

STEM Club (K-2)
Second and Fourth Thursday of each month at 3pm, this program combines Science, Technology, Engineering and Math by building, experimenting, and more.

Children’s Book Clubs Please see Reading Groups Page to find out book for the month.

Magic Tree House Book Club (K-2)
Third Thursday of each month at 3pm, kids discuss Magic Tree House books and play games and create crafts based on the theme of the book.

Dear America Book Club (3-4)
First Wednesday of each month at 3pm, kids discuss Dear America books and do activities and create based on the era of the book.

5th Grade Book Club
Second Wednesday of each month at 3pm, 5th graders discuss the book of that month and do activities and crafts trying to work off the theme of the book.

6th and 7th Grade Book Club
Third Thursday of each month at 3pm, 6th and 7th graders discuss the book of that month and do activities and crafts working off the theme of the book.

Simon Says, “Read”
Why is reading to a dog educational and fun? Because Simon is soft, furry and warm and he loves the attention you give him when you practice your reading out-loud skills! Reading is in the Children’s Library Room and is one-on-one with Ms. Gwen and Simon present. Parents and others must wait outside for their reader. Waiting list only, begins in October. See the circulation desk to sign up!
Stay tuned for our next session!

Story Time
Story time with Samantha on Thursdays 10 am (ages preschool and babies welcome) year round.

1000 Books before Kindergarten
You may have noticed the Solar System on the walls of the Children’s Room. What is it for you ask? It’s our new 1000 Books before Kindergarten chart! Let your kids climb aboard a rocket ship with their name on it and watch them shoot through space all the way to Pluto!

Parents of children 0-5 sign up for the program and Smyth Library provides the parents with reading logs to track how many books they and others read to their children. When the families have reached 1,000 books before the child reaches kindergarten, they have successfully completed the program. Record keepsake books available now!