Check out the 2019 Summer Reading Program, featuring concerts, space-themed activities, and reading prizes! Click here for more information.

Limitless Learners Contest is dedicated to providing educators with resources to help students learn. This year, they are proud to offer $9,000 in prizes as part of their Limitless Learners Contest. The contest encourages kids in/entering K-5th grade to think creatively about what education means to them and use their art, writing, and language skills to express their ideas.
A winner will be chosen from each grade level to receive $500 for college. The winning child can then choose to nominate Smyth Public Library to win a $1,000 donation as well! Apply by October 31st, 2019.
Click here for more information.

Story Walk
Saturday, September 7th from 10am-2pm

The Friends of the Smyth Public Library will host a story walk for all ages! We will start in the library, then move to the woods and pond behind the library. Come join us for this outdoor literary experience. The story walk features the book, In the Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming. In this book, a child explores the wonders of the natural world in this rhyming, beautiful bright colored picture storybook about the lives of small animals and insects living around a freshwater pond.

If your child needs to be picked up from the school, please read the information at the front desk with the signups.

Free Math Tutoring available starting  on September 3rd
Weekly drop-in sessions Tuesdays from 4-6pm.
With Candia resident, Scott Hewitt, retired Math teacher and current instructor at community college.
For all ages and abilities with help from Arithmetic to Calculus

Mrs. Lindsey’s Candia Conservation Commission KIDS (CCC KIDS)
We are happy to announce that Judi Lindsey’s Candia Conservation Club will continue in the 2019-2020 school year! The club will meet every first and third Monday of the month, starting in October and ending in May. Students will be picked up from the school at 3pm by Judi and walked over to the library where the program will take place. Every parent will need to send a note to the Moore School with permission for their child to go with Judi on the days of the club meeting.The club ends at 4:30pm, when parents can pick up their child from the library.
Learn about the animals and plants around you!

The club dates are as follows (for the 2019-2020 school year):
Monday, October 7&21
Monday, November 4&18
Monday, December 2&16
Monday, January 6&20
Monday, February 3&17
Monday, March 2&16
Monday, April 6&20
Monday, May 4&18

Art Club (K-5)
First Thursday of each month at 3pm, kids will be learning about and recreating the work of different artists using different supplies including: coffee filters, canvas, yarn, and tissue paper.

STEM Club(K-2)
Second and Fourth Thursday of each month at 3pm, this program combines Science, Technology, Engineering and Math by building, experimenting, and more.

Children’s Book Clubs Please see Reading Groups Page to find out book for the month.

Magic Tree House Book Club (K-2)
Third Thursday of each month at 3pm, kids discuss Magic Tree House books and play games and create crafts based on the theme of the book.

Simon Says, “Read”
Why is reading to a dog educational and fun? Because Simon is soft, furry and warm and he loves the attention you give him when you practice your reading out-loud skills! Reading is in the Children’s Library Room and is one-on-one with Ms. Gwen and Simon present. Parents and others must wait outside for their reader. Waiting list only, begins in October. See the circulation desk to sign up!
Stay tuned for our next session!

Story Time
Story Time with Jessica at 10am and PJ Story Time with Linda at 6pm on Thursdays year round. Ages preschool and babies welcome!

Circuit Club
Play with Snap Circuits on the second Friday of each month at 6:30pm!

LEGO Night
Play with LEGOs on the third Friday of each month at 6:30pm!

Drop in Coloring night for all ages, all supplies provided, every Friday 6-7 pm. (packets also available for use in library anytime we are open)

1000 Books before Kindergarten
You may have noticed the Solar System on the walls of the Children’s Room. What is it for you ask? It’s our new 1000 Books before Kindergarten chart! Let your kids climb aboard a rocket ship with their name on it and watch them shoot through space all the way to Pluto!

Parents of children 0-5 sign up for the program and Smyth Library provides the parents with reading logs to track how many books they and others read to their children. When the families have reached 1,000 books before the child reaches kindergarten, they have successfully completed the program. Record keepsake books available now!

Book Reviews from Our Little Patrons!
“If you love adventures, I would recommend that you read “The Wishing Spell” from the Land of Stories series. Here is a preview of the first book. 12 year old twins, Alex and Connor, find a secret in their storybook. It leads them to another world- The Land of Stories. Having fallen into their book, Alex and her brother Connor, look for the ingredients for the spell to get them back home. Along the way, they meet people such as: Snow White, Cinderella, and other fairy tale characters. Unfortunately, the Evil Queen (aka, Snow White’s step mother) chases them in their search. Read on to discover what happens. This is an adventure-packed story you will definitely enjoy! There are several additional books in this series that follow along with their adventures.”- Elizabeth Jones, age 9