STEM Resources for Kids with Special Needs
Click here for STEM resources that could be beneficial to your homeschooled student with special needs.

Homeschool Resources
Good resource for legal questions and concerns is HSLDA.  They know about all the state requirements so you can make sure you are following them:

A blog list with popular books for new homeschoolers to read as they start their journey:

Learning to read:

These are some good math books and also online programs:

History of the world:

Books in all subjects for all ages:

National Geographic resources:

Hands-on science courses:

Writing resource:

Resources for All Homeschool Students

Educational and Sensory-Friendly Online Resources for Children with Autism
These Are the Hours Your Kid Should Be Homeschooling Per Day Based on Their Grade
8 Fun Creative Writing Lesson Plans for High School Students
The Educator’s Guide to Real Estate Lesson Plans
11 Deliciously Fun Ways to Teach Science & Math in the Kitchen
Integrating Education and Nature
Ideas for Teaching Life Skills to Your Homeschooler
Engineering the Future: The Educator’s Guide to Building and Construction
How To Teach Students To Research Without Google

For Kids! Activities and Nature Education Resources
We can’t predict the future, but we can provide you with lots of kids’ outdoor activities and nature education resources, so you’re prepared for anything.

Are you: New to homeschooling? Taking care of your grandkids? Trying to engage in more outdoor activities? Reconnecting with your inner child? Bear Paw Regional Greenways has compiled a list of resources to help you this year. From forest education coloring pages to videos of snow leopards to backyard bird bingo, these resources cover all sorts of nature topics and are appropriate for kids of any age.
The first document in the Google Drive is the Table of Contents; also included are example documents from other organizations and some Bear-Paw specific activities.

Click here for the resource page 

Granite State Home Educators Resources
Granite State Home Educators is an all-volunteer, nonprofit homeschool support organization that serves New Hampshire families who choose to home educate their children. 

GSHE has a robust website with resources to help prospective and current homeschoolers through their home ed journey. Our FAQ, Where to Begin, and Homeschool Methods pages are the ones many parents turn to first to get started. 

Families can sign up for our free monthly e-newsletter at our website; here are past issues. Each one is packed with encouragement, educational and social opportunities, and relevant news. 

We also have over a dozen videos that provide a summary of the (simple) requirements as well as several that go deeper into common questions and topics. 

Prior to Covid closures, GSHE hosted nearly 30 in-person Intro to Homeschooling discussions around the state. When the weather improves or venues reopen, we are happy to schedule more with local libraries and community groups, either in socially-distanced settings or outdoors. In the meantime, we can host virtual events with groups who would like to partner to support area homeschoolers.  

GSHE has several Facebook groups that empower families to plug in where they best fit. 

Granite State Home Educators — Our primary group for supporting home educators around the state. 

Granite State Home Educators Marketplace — Our group that brings together buyers and sellers of homeschool resources. 

GSHE Unexpectedly Homeschooling — A group to support families dealing with remote learning and exploring educational options. 

GSHE Homeschool Pod Connections — A group to help bring together families looking to form home-based learning communities such as homeschool pods and microschools. 

GSHE Action — This is our group specifically for tracking and discussing legislation related to home education. 

Families Helping Families — Specifically for families who have children with special needs, not just for homeschoolers.