Download audio & e-books

NOTE: your account needs to be updated yearly by your expiration date and must be in good standing for you to take advantage of this service.

Click the “Your Account” link at the left of this page.
Up in the right hand corner of the resulting page is where you’ll log-in. Look at your library card. As indicated, the numbers following the zeroes is your library card number. Use your 7 digit phone number without the dash as your PIN. After you’ve logged in, use the Overdrive icon at the bottom of the page to link to Overdrive.

If you haven’t used Overdrive before, you’ll need to click on the HELP icon on the Overdrive site to allow you to load the Overdrive software.

New titles are added weekly. Limit three titles at a time and 5 reserves.  Call us at 483-8245 if you need further help.