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April, 2019

Volume 13, No.1



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Walking France with Gale Carey
Wednesday, April 17th at 6pm
One pilgrim’s story of 500 miles on the Chemin de St. Jacques.
The Chemin de St. Jacques is an amazingly beautiful walking route cherished by the French and traveled by pilgrims for nearly 1000 years. The journey through lush woodlands, flower-laden fields, volcanic formations, and ancient villages and towns, allows for meditative walking, engaging conversation, and introspection. Gale made this 35-day trek last summer and brings us the story of her journey as a modern day pilgrim – from the practical to the philosophical.





Covered Bridges of NH with Glenn Knoblock
Tuesday, April 23rd at 6:30pm
Covered wooden bridges have been a vital part of the NH transportation network, dating back to the early 1800s. Given NH’s myriad streams, brooks, and rivers, it’s unsurprising that 400 covered bridges have been documented. Often viewed as quaint relics of a simpler past, they were technological marvels of their day. It may be native ingenuity and NH’s woodworking tradition that account for the fact that a number of nationally-noted covered bridge truss designers were NH natives. Glenn Knoblock discusses covered bridge design and technology, and their designers, builders, and associated folklore.



Redline Hiking in the White Mountains     

With Steve Hale
Wednesday, May 15th at 6:30pm


Presentation documenting my personal journey as a Redline Hiker in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Redline Hiking is the goal to hike all the miles of trails on the map (denoted often as redlines) of some large area (in this case the 1,440 miles of trails in the White Mountains of NH and ME). Here I showcase and story tell some of my interesting trail encounters with wildlife, wildflowers, and wild scenery.


Smyth Library 3rd Annual Trivia Night
Wednesday, May 29th at 6:30 pm

Candia’s 3rd Annual TRIVIA CONTEST! GET YOUR TEAMS TOGETHER!! Get your neighbors, get your friends and smart enemies. We are asking for sign-ups now!
First Prize: $60 gift certificate to Tuckaway Tavern
Second (if 5 or more teams): $30 certificate to Cello’s
Up to 6 people. Children under 12 don’t count towards the 6.
Must have at least 1 Candia resident
For purposes of this contest, all Jesse Remington faculty and students and Moore School teachers are Candia residents.


Currier Family Art Program
Thursday, May 30 at 6pm


In this class, parents will work side by side with their children to create a collage inspired by both the Mount Washington Cog Railway as well as artwork of the Railway in the Currier Museum of Art collection. Led by an Art Center instructor, students will use colorful cut paper and pastels to make their own scene of a train coming down a mountain.





Simplifying Medicare
Tuesday, April 30, May 28 at 6pm
Turning 65 or retiring in 6 months or a year? Get yourself educated and some guidance navigating thru all the Medicare information and understanding the Medicare basic Parts A, B, C and D?
Learn what Original Medicare covers and how supplement insurance works with your Medicare so you can make the best decisions for your health care needs in retirement.
Know the importance of enrollment periods and making sure you avoid lifetime penalties.
Bring your questions to this informal educational session and let Donna Wilton help to simplify your understanding of Medicare.



How to Easter Cards and Decorations
Tuesday, April 16th at 6:30pm
Create your own Easter greetings and Peep Card holders with Debbie Dunn. All supplies provided free.








How to Interior Decorating

Wednesday May 8th at 6:00pm


Learn tricks for interior decorating with Cynthia Clark Interiors.


How to Beekeeping

With local beekeepers

Tuesday May 14th at 6:00pm


Our hope is to educate folks about honey bees, native pollinators and pollinator friendly gardens.


If you have a special talent you’d like to share, please see Heidi at the front desk


Check out our monthly calendar on our website for all our events and programs.





Started in February, Smyth Library Patrons Will Have Access to Kanopy featuring more than 30,000 Films, For Free!

Library card holders can access Kanopy and view up to four films per month. Films can be streamed from any computer, television, mobile device or platform by downloading the Kanopy app for iOS, Android, AppleTV, Chromecast or Roku.

With the motto of “thoughtful entertainment,” Kanopy provides patrons with access to films of unique social and cultural value; films that are often difficult or impossible to access elsewhere, and programming that features diversity, with a wide array of foreign language films and films on race, and current affairs.

TRY IT AND DOWNLOAD NOW AT:  smythpl.kanopy.com

New on our shelves…



New Fiction      


The wonder garden                                                      Acampora, Lauren,

Salt houses                                                                  Alyan, Hala,

The Malta exchange: a novel                                        Berry, Steve

Wolf pack: a Joe Pickett novel                         Box, C. J

In another time: a novel                                               Cantor, Jillian

The friends we keep                                                     Chamberlin, Holly

Run away                                                                     Coben, Harlan

The last second                                                            Coulter, Catherine

Celtic empire: a Dirk Pitt novel                                     Cussler, Clive

Frog music: a novel                                                     Donoghue, Emma

The garden of last days: a novel                                   Dubus, Andre

Blood oath: a novel                                                      Fairstein, Linda A.

The vanishing man: a prequel to the Charles Lenox series       Finch, Charles

The hunting party: a novel                                           Foley, Lucy

A lethal legacy                                                             Graham, Heather

The stranger diaries                                                     Griffiths, Elly

The river: a novel                                                         Heller, Peter

Cemetery Road: a novel                                               Iles, Greg

Dark tribute                                                                  Johansen, Iris

A room full of night : a thriller                                      Kenneth, T. R.

Stalker: a Joona Linna novel                                        Kepler, Lars

My not so perfect life: a novel                                     Kinsella, Sophie

Surprise me: a novel                                                    Kinsella, Sophie

Louis L’Amour’s lost treasures: unfinished manuscripts, mysterious stories, and lost notes from one of the world’s most popular novelists — Volume 1 :           L’Amour, Louis

Unto us a son is given                                                 Leon, Donna

The red address book                                                 Lundberg, Sofia

The perfect alibi: a novel                                              Margolin, Phillip

The man with no face                                                   May, Peter

The good detective                                                       McMahon, John,

The last year of the war                                                Meissner, Susan

While you sleep: a novel                                              Merritt, Stephanie,

Deep harbor                                                                 Michaels, Fern

The last act: a novel                                                     Parks, Brad

The Cornwalls are gone                                               Patterson, James

The first lady                                                                Patterson, James

The life and times of Persimmon Wilson: a novel        Peacock, Nancy,

At the wolf’s table                                                         Postorino, Rosella,

To fetch a thief                                                             Quinn, Spencer

Crown jewel: a Simon Riske novel                               Reich, Christopher

The love letter                                                             Riley, Lucinda

The things we cannot say                                             Rimmer, Kelly

The fifth doctrine                                                          Robards, Karen

The Persian gamble                                                     Rosenberg, Joel C

The island of sea women: a novel                                See, Lisa

Silent night: a novel                                                     Steel, Danielle

Before she knew him: a novel                                     Swanson, Peter,

Gray ghost: a Stoney Calhoun novel                            Tapply, William G

The American agent: a Maisie Dobbs novel                  Winspear, Jacqueline

Wild card                                                                     Woods, Stuart




“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” 
― Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey


“Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.”

Mark Twain – Puddin’head Wilson




New Non-Fiction



The lost Gutenberg: the astounding story of one book’s five-hundred-year odyssey                                                                                                     Davis, Margaret Leslie,

Dark horse: achieving success through the pursuit of fulfillment         Rose, Todd,

Topgun: an American story                                                      Pedersen, Dan,

Murder by the book: the crime that shocked Dickens’s London            Harman, Claire,

The long shadow of small ghosts: murder and memory in an American city    Tillman, Laura,

Head over heels in the Dales                                                    Phinn, Gervase.

The secret wisdom of nature: trees, animals, and the extraordinary balance of all living things : stories from science and observation                  Wohlleben, Peter

Eat clean, stay lean: the ultimate guide to clean, cleaner, and cleanest foods                                                                                                             Bazilian, Wendy,

The art of dying well: a practical guide to a good end of life    Butler, Katy,

Elegant defense: the extraordinary new science of the immune system : a tale in four lives                                                                                                     Richtel, Matt

Beekeeping for dummies                                                         Blackiston, Howland.

Lessons: my path to a meaningful life                         Bündchen, Gisele,

: the daring young woman who led France’s largest spy network against Hitler                                                                       Olson, Lynne

See you in the piazza: new places to discover in Italy Mayes, Frances

Gaza: an inquest into its martyrdom                                        Finkelstein, Norman G.,

Spygate: the attempted sabotage of Donald J. Trump   Bongino, Dan,

The sun is a compass: a 4,000-mile journey into the Alaskan wilds      Van Hemert, Caroline.

Margaret Fuller: a New American Life                                       Marshall, Megan


New Books on CD…


The Overton window CD (7)                                                      Beck, Glenn

The Malta exchange: a novel CD (11)                                        Berry, Steve

An American life: the autobiography CD (4)                              Reagan, Ronald (Reagan Revolution 1981-1989)

Wolf Pack CD (9)                                                                      Box, C. J

Celtic empire CD (8)                                                                 Cussler, Clive

Never tell: a novel CD (9)                                                          Gardner, Lisa

Perfect touch: a novel CD (9)                                                    Lowell, Elizabeth

The Cornwalls are gone CD (7)                                                 Patterson, James

The first lady CD (6)                                                                  Patterson, James

Silent night CD (6)                                                                    Steel, Danielle



New Video…

Hunter killer DVD 1157 [R]       

A star is born DVD 1158 [R]     

Bohemian Rhapsody DVD 1159 [PG13]            

Saved by Grace DVD 1160 [PG13]        

Green book DVD 1161 [PG13]  

Trust fund DVD 1162 [PG]        

The last man DVD 1163 [R]      

The wife DVD 1164 [R]

The Mercy DVD 1165 [PG]        

Ben is back DVD 1166 [R]        

Fantastic Beasts DVD 1167 [PG13] — The Crimes of Grindelwald/writer, J.K. Rowling ; directed by David Yates.        

Mortal engines DVD 1168 [PG13]         

Aquaman DVD 1169 [PG13]     

Night shift DVD 418 [R]            

Ralph breaks the internet DVD 632.5A [PG]






The zookeeper saw that the erudite chimpanzee was reading the BIBLE and Darwin’s ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES at the same time.

He asked: “Hey Chimp!  Why are you reading those two books at the same time?”

The chimpanzee answered: “I’m trying to determine if I am my brother’s keeper or my keeper’s brother.”


Friends In-House Book Sale!

You can browse at your leisure now and bring home a favorite to keep or to give away to a friend. Just look for the bright signs just inside our main doors on the left. Pay at the front desk. Only… $1 for hardcover and $.50 for paperbacks. Proceeds go to the Friends of Smyth Library. See the new “Blind Date with a Book” Sale and $1 Cookbook magazines available.


YOU ARE INVITED~ More Friends welcomed!  Would you like to help the library?  Then please consider becoming a Friend!  See Heidi or Ginny for more information!



Tip from the front desk



A richer vocabulary, a deeper understanding of others, and a longer life span (by nearly two more years, according to a 2016 Yale School of Public Health study) are all at your fingertips if you do one simple thing:  Read a book for at least 30 minutes a day.


The habit has also been shown to reduce symptoms of depression, make us feel part of a community, and help stave off dementia. For children, the rewards are even greater: A 2013 British study found that reading for pleasure has more impact on the cognitive development of adolescents than their parents’ level of education. And for humans of every age, it offers an instant escape, opening doors to faraway worlds and experiences.


In this age of 24/7 tweets and news feeds, reading for pleasure has never been more important for our well-being. Consider these tips from advocates on how to make this a daily practice that can protect your mind, widen your world, and boost your happiness:


~Redirect some time-replace clickbait with an engrossing thriller-or memoir, or whatever lights up your neurons.


~Join a club-reading is a solitary enterprise, but it can also be collaborative.


~Revisit the library-for an endless feast of free reads head to Smyth Public Library, your local temple of literature, or even more instantly gratifying, download the e-reader app Libby or hoopla.


~Leap off the page-come to a program and read up on the topic.


~Fall into fiction-reading novels exercises a part of the brain activated when you use your imagination to bring a story to life and help us to be more creative and open-minded. Novels also improve our empathy, a muscle we need to actively keep strong and flexible.


~Nurture little minds-reading aloud to children helps develop language and early-literacy and can be a comforting ritual for them from birth even through to their teens.


~Fill their world with books-check them out at Smyth Public Library or buy at our book sale and their mere presence can work wonders and impact the level of education they attain.


~Spread the word and be the reader you want your child to be-let them see you get as excited about turning a page as you are about turning on your TV.


As science continues to illuminate the power of reading, Smyth Public Library is here to help you discover wonderful books, access them instantly, and spread the word to your friends-as well as foster that same passion in your kids.


(excerpt by Eleni N. Gage from Living 9/18)


-Heidi Deacon, Director




Coloring night for all ages, all supplies provided, Fridays 6-7 pm






Try out our new “Volunteer Your World” ideas at Smyth Public Library. Visit our Volunteer Your World Page



Writers’ group

On the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month, 6:30pm

The Smyth Public Library hosts a gathering of writers once or twice a month where we work together on timed writing exercises using prompts and other sources of inspiration. The writing periods will be followed by sharing some of the work with each other. The goal of the group is to loosen up and get the pen moving on paper. We don’t seek to have a finished work by the end of the session and you don’t need to arrive with a finished piece of writing to share. The writer’s group is a place to meet with other writers and to flex your writing muscles. Please come ready with a writing medium of your choice: paper and pen/pencil, computer, tablet, etc.



Drop In Family Game Nights!!

First Friday of every month at 6:30


Knitting & Crochet Circle
Help with the cap, blanket, and scarf charity project, work on your own items, or just come to learn. Call Lisa 587-0603 for more info.
Third Thursday of the month, 7pm


Monthly Lego Night!

EVERY third Friday 6:30-7:30 for all ages.




Featuring : Magic-The Gathering

Held monthly on the First Wednesday of the month at 4 pm!

For ages 8 and up! Next meeting-May 1


Family Movie Night  

Friday, April 26, 6:00 p.m.



“Mary Poppins Returns”rated PG

Did you Know???

  If you wrote out all the numbers (e.g. one, two, three . . . ), you would not use the letter “b” until the word “billion.”



In theGallery…



Grid Portraits by Students from Moore School



Our art gallery and (locked) glass case is always available for the works of local artists.  Just see Heidi at the front desk to display your works



Brought to you by the Friends of the Smyth Public Library

The Little Free Library is up and running at the CYAA complex – anyone can take advantage!




Now! 2 groups!  2 times!

How about sharing your thoughts on a book at the friendly monthly book discussion group?



The author of The Orchid & the Wasp emailed us!


Dearest Librarian,
A Google Alert just informed me that Smyth Public Library is having a book club event this evening about my novel, Orchid & the Wasp. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I’m pretty sure you’ll be the first book club discussion of the novel, besides perhaps my mum’s friends!
If there was a specific librarian behind this choice, please tell them I say thank you! In case it’s useful for readers after, I put together a few of the links to essays and interviews I did about the book here: https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/17506525-essays-interviews-for-orchid-the-wasp
Anyway, I just wanted to wave across the continents to say: thank you & my heart-cockles are warmed!
Very best,
Caoilinn Hughes




Thursday, April 25, 11:00 a.m.

Fruit of the Drunken Tree

By Ingrid Rojas Contreras

Inspired by the author’s own life, and told through the alternating perspectives of the willful Chula and the achingly hopeful Petrona, Fruit of the Drunken Treecontrasts two very different, but inextricably linked coming-of-age stories. In lush prose, Rojas Contreras has written a powerful testament to the impossible choices women are often forced to make in the face of violence and the unexpected connections that can blossom out of desperation*

Extra titles of this book are available at the front desk




Thursday, April 25th at 7:30 pm

Salt Houses

by Hala Alyan  


On the eve of her daughter Alia’s wedding, Salma reads the girl’s future in a cup of coffee dregs. She sees an unsettled life for Alia and her children; she also sees travel and luck. While she chooses to keep her predictions to herself that day, they will all soon come to pass when the family is uprooted in the wake of the Six-Day War of 1967. 
Lyrical and heartbreaking, Salt Houses follows three generations of a Palestinian family and asks us to confront that most devastating of all truths: you can’t go home again.



*Extra titles of this book are available at the front desk



Library Assets…



Smyth Public Library is now offering home delivery of library materials for any Candia community residents in need.  Please contact us for a registration form for this service or use the link to a form to fill out on our website.


The library is proud to now offer The Healing Library; reading kits to aid with coping with difficult situations. We offer The Death of a Loved One, The Death of a Pet, plus Alzheimer’s & Your Family. These are located in the children’s room, along with books relating to each topic. The kits are available now for check out.




Digital Movies, Music and More Instantly Available 24/7 Free with your Library Card!

Movies, TV,Music Albums, eAudiobooks , eBooks, and Comics/Graphic Novels. All in one location, from your computer, tablet or Smartphone!

With hoopla, there are no hold lists, no extra apps or accounts needed or special steps to use it.

It just works! On a mobile device, borrowed content may be temporarily downloaded and accessed offline or, in either the app or on a computer, all borrowed content may be enjoyed while connected to the internet by streaming.



Don’t forget  – you can always borrow our internet hot spot, telescope and newly offered Ukulele and a dozen baking pans!

(Hearts, Football, Flowers, Mouse, Bunnies, Snowmen, Letters &Numbers)



Making Your Life Easy:

By going to our website, you can search our entire catalogue for books, CD’s, DVD’s and movies.  Once found, you can check to see if what you want is in.  If so, just to our website and reserve the book.  The next time you come in, it will be waiting for you at the front desk.  WITH OUR NEW WEBSITE YOU CAN DO IT WITH YOUR MOBILE DEVICE!

PLUS!!  Check out our smythpl.org website updates and Smyth Library’s Public Catalog featuring:


– A crawl of new items.

– “What’s Hot” now covers several choices.

-“Most Popular” titles (a combination of checkouts and reserves are used to determine this list).  

– “More Search Options” includes Medium that lets members search by DVD or Large Print, etc.

More Research Options:


Full text articles from thousands of magazines, journals and national newspapers, plus NoveList. Call or e-mail us and provide your name and your library card number, and we’ll give you the password.

Smyth Library has available:

The Candia Heritage Commission is pleased to announce the acquisition of a valuable historical resource, bound volumes of the Rockingham County News encompassing the years 1978-1998.  A two week loan of a volume can be arranged by contacting Sis Richter 483-2585, president of the Historical Society or Diane Philbrick 483-8239, chair of the Heritage Commission. 


Heritage Commission is now seeking your Library Memories

Leave your special memories of time spent at our library at the front desk or email:Heritage@candianh.org


Also, still available: 2019 Candia Conservation Calendars-Local scenery featured by Candia’s own talented photographers. ($5 to the Candia Conservation Commission-all proceeds go toward sending a Candia student to Barry Conservation camp)



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Downloadable Books!!!!

Ipods and Kindles work and you can

Order right from our website!



Check our website for passes!!!All are listed in the “museum passes” tab of the website and can be reserved there.


Museum of Science and Museum of Fine Arts  Boston passes available.

Also, Children’s Museum in Dover available till end of April only!



Kids’ Stuff…

Check out our monthly calendar for children on the children’s tab on our website.



NEW CCC  KIDS! Mrs. Lindsey’s Candia Conservation Commission KIDS!

Now offering TWO classes!

Do you love nature? Animals? The forests and the ponds? Join Mrs. Lindsey for her new nature club! Class is FULL!  (Waiting list sign-ups only!)

  • Monthly 1st and 2nd Mondays 3-4:30 pm
  • Meet in the Moore School lobby
  • Take walks in nature to discover plants, animals and more
  • Create art projects based on the environment
  • Come dressed and prepared to go outside in all kinds of weather!



Book Clubs!

Magic Tree House Book Club (K-2)-Third Thursday 3pm; Meeting: April 18

Reading Good Morning, Gorillas by Mary Pope Osborne


NEW Cupcake Book Club – Wednesday, May 1; 3pm

Reading Katie and the cupcake cure by Coco Simon


NEW Comic Book Club – Wednesday, April 10; 3:30pm

Reading the Graphic Novel: Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer


STEM Club (K-3) Combined Math and Science

Second and Fourth Thursday 3pm; Meeting: April 11 only!


Art Club (K-5)

First Thursday 3pm -May 2



Teen Book Club-Wednesday, April 17 @ 4pm

April title: Crossover by Kwane Alexander


Teen Creative Club-Wednesday,April 24 @ 4pm



Baby—Preschool children-

Stories, games, crafts, music, puppets

During Thursday Story Time 10 a.m.


NOW presenting two Storytimes:

Thursdays, 10 am with Jessica

Thursdays, 6 pm with Maryjo

Preschoolers and babies welcomed

Read to Simon, Gwen Paprocki’s Certified Therapy dog.

Want to boost reading confidence?


Why is reading to a dog educational AND fun? Because Simon is soft, furry and warm and he loves the attention you give him when you practice your reading out-loud skills! In the Children’s Library Room ~ one-on-one with Ms. Gwen and Simon present. (Simon and Gwen Paprocki are certified through Therapy Dogs International)

Please sign up if interested.  Call Gwen for more info at 483-8245


Second Friday, 6:00 p.m.

We break out our snap circuits! Build exciting projects including computer interfaced experiments and solar cell applications. Build over 175 exciting projects now with lights.  All new kits and all ages welcome! Check our Facebook page for some cool snap circuit projects.



1000 BOOKS before Kindergarten

Personal memory registers and book bags are available for parents.


New books for children…

P is for pterodactyl: the worst alphabet book ever ; all the letters that misbehave and make words nearly impossible to pronounce       Haldar, Raj

Some planes hover                                          Petty, Kate

Woodrow, the White House mouse                   Barnes, Peter W.,

Hello Lighthouse                                              Blackall, Sophie

Pigs in a blanket                                              Wilhelm, Hans

On Noah’s ark                                                  Brett, Jan

Precious moments: the wonder of Easter         Mitter, Matt.

The story of the Easter Bunny             Tegen, Katherine Brown.

The adventures of Miss Kitty: Finding a new home     

Queenie Quail can’t keep up                             Whittingham, Jane,

The golden egg                                                Wood, A. J.



New books for juniors…

Puppies, dogs, and blue northers: reflections on being raised by a pack of sled dogs                                                                                     Paulsen, Gary

Stand on the sky                                              Bow, Erin,

Jake’s orphan                                                   Brooke, Peggy.

The coming of Hoole CD (4)                             Lasky, Kathryn

Ruby Holler                                                      Creech, Sharon

Ronan Boyle and the bridge of riddles             Lennon, Thomas,

Merci Suárez changes gears                            Medina, Meg



From the Junior Shelves~


Ronan Boyle and the Bridge of Riddles (Ronan Boyle #1)

by Thomas Lennon, John Hendrix (Illustrations)


Fourteen-year-old Ronan Boyle is the youngest and lowliest recruit to the secret Garda, an Irish police force that handles the misdeeds of numerous magical creatures. Ronan’s parents are in jail, but Ronan is convinced that they were framed by the wee people. So, despite his small size, poor eyesight, and social awkwardness, he’s determined to learn all he can in the Garda in order to prove his parents’ innocence. To show he’s got what it takes, he’ll have to confront a fiery leprechaun, a sinister harpy, and a whole world of monsters hidden in plain sight next to real-life Ireland. Fast paced, action packed, and completely hilarious, this is the start to an exciting new middle-grade series by actor and writer Thomas Lennon.  Goodreads


From the Young Adult Shelves~



New books for young adults…

The stars below                                                Baldacci, David

The width of the world: a novel                        Baldacci, David

Lovely war                                                       Berry, Julie Gardner

Bloodline: a novel                                            Cary, Kate.

Superman: dawnbreaker                                  De La PeÑA, Matt

For the killing of kings                                     Jones, Howard A.,

Live original: how the Duck Commander teen keeps it real and stays true to her values                                                                                   Robertson, Sadie,

Girl in a bad place                                            Ward, Kaitlin.

Wildflower                                                        Whitaker, Alecia,




For the Killing of Kings

(The Ring-Sworn Trilogy #1)

by Howard Andrew Jones (Goodreads Author)


A cross between Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber and The Three MusketeersFor the Killing of Kings is the first in a new fantasy trilogy by Howard Andrew Jones.

Their peace was a fragile thing, but it had endured for seven years, mostly because the people of Darassus and the king of the Naor hordes believed his doom was foretold upon the edge of the great sword hung in the hall of champions. Unruly Naor clans might raid across the border, but the king himself would never lead his people to war so long as the blade remained in the hands of his enemies.

But when squire Elenai’s aging mentor uncovers evidence that the sword in their hall is a forgery, she’s forced to flee Darassus for her life, her only ally the reckless, disillusioned Kyrkenall the archer. Framed for murder and treason, pursued by the greatest heroes of the realm, they race to recover the real sword, only to stumble into a conspiracy that leads all the way back to the Darassan queen and her secretive advisers. They must find a way to clear their names and set things right, all while dodging friends determined to kill them – and the Naor hordes, invading at last with a new and deadly weapon.

Howard Andrew Jones’ powerful world-building brings this epic fantasy to life in this first book of his new adventure-filled trilogy.  Goodreads




Trivia Time!


Every month we ask a trivia question.  If you know the answer, drop it off at the front desk or e-mail it here.  We will randomly select the winner from the correct answers and the WINNERwill win ONE FREE WEEK of OVERDUE FINE AMNESTY ON ONE BOOK


Last month’s question and answer:

  1. What does the “K” in J.K. Rowling an initial for?
  2. Kathleen, the name of her grandmother.

Winner-Miriam Wilcox!


This Month’s Trivia Question:


What Tennessee Williams play has characters named Big Daddy and Big Mama?


From the New and Recent Shelves~

We (being I) are always looking for contributors to this reviews section.  The editor has a limited range of taste, so any reviews would be more than welcomed.  Just e-mail them in reply to this, or to librarian@smythpl.org

I admit to a rather limited taste in reading materials.  I generally eschew science fiction, fantasy and what are euphemistically referred to as “chic books”.  I realize this is a deficiency in not only me, but the “From the New and Recent Shelves” section of “The Smythie”.

I may therefore resort to pilfering reviews from Goodreads.com for a book at times to widen the breadth of this service.  I’d much rather have a contributing reviewer (or twelve).  If you’ve read a book you’ve loved, please shoot me a review so we can enjoy a more personal perspective.


Fiction…two always reliable series…



VANISHIING MAN is the “second prequel” to the Charles Lenox series by Charles Finch.  The series has “10.5” books in it and two prequels.

Charles Lenox is a British aristocrat living in 19th century London.  Rather than a life of noble leisure, he makes up his professional as a private “detector”.  The mysteries are good ones with excellent settings.  As an added bonus there is always some bit of knowledge of the derivation of modern expressions or products that have devolved from this period. 

Every book in the series very good, at least.  This second prequel does not disappoint, although as a reader of the series, some of the personal relationships that develop during the series are missed.





THE AMERICAN AGENT by Jacqueline Winspear is the fifteenth in the excellent Maisie Dobbs series.  Maisy is the rare female detective who started as a British housemaid, was sponsored to go to Cambridge by her employers and, in the first book, served as a nurse in World War I.


In this book, Maisy has made it to World War II and investigates the murder of an American correspondent.


Like Charles Lenox, she encounters the hesitancy in accepting a new profession for a person, in this case, a female.








The never-before-told story of one extremely rare copy of the Gutenberg Bible, and its impact on the lives of the fanatical few who were lucky enough to own it.

For rare-book collectors, an original copy of the Gutenberg Bible—of which there are fewer than 50 in existence—represents the ultimate prize. Here, Margaret Leslie Davis recounts five centuries in the life of one copy, from its creation by Johannes Gutenberg, through the hands of monks, an earl, the Worcestershire sauce king, and a nuclear physicist to its ultimate resting place, in a steel vault in Tokyo. Estelle Doheny, the first woman collector to add the book to her library and its last private owner, tipped the Bible onto a trajectory that forever changed our understanding of the first mechanically printed book.

The Lost Gutenberg draws readers into this incredible saga, immersing them in the lust for beauty, prestige, and knowledge that this rarest of books sparked in its owners. Exploring books as objects of obsession across centuries, this is a must-read for history buffs, book collectors, seekers of hidden treasures, and anyone who has ever craved a remarkable book—and its untold stories. Goodreads






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