Overdrive/ Libby

Overdrive is the original app, which is compatible with most devices. Use this if you have a Kindle Fire, a Mac, a Windows device, or a PC.
Libby is a new app by Overdrive. It has the same collection as Overdrive. If you have an Android or iOS device, use the Libby app.

New Magazines
The NHDB collection has received a free package of digital magazines, courtesy of our OverDrive vendor. The collection will include some popular titles, such as those listed below, and all new issues can be read in “article view” on the Libby app, which makes for a cleaner reading experience on smaller screens. They will remain in our collection until July 2021.

o   Architectural Digest
o   Bon Appetitz
o   Cook’s Illustrated
o   Family Handyman
o   Family Tree
o   House Beautiful
o   Macworld
o   National Geographic
o   Newsweek
o   Ok!
o   PCWorld
o   Popular Science
o   The New Yorker
o   This Old House
o   Us Weekly
o   Yoga Journal

On your device:
Go to your app store and download the “Libby” app, then create your account.

On your computer:
Visit: https://nh.overdrive.com/
Click the “Your Account” link at the left of this page.
Up in the right hand corner of the resulting page is where you’ll log-in. Look at your library card. As indicated, the numbers following the zeroes is your library card number. Use your 7 digit phone number without the dash as your PIN.
After you’ve logged in, use the Overdrive icon at the bottom of the page to link to Overdrive.

If you haven’t used Overdrive or Libby before, the HELP link answers common user questions.
Also, in response to COVID-19, these videos on YouTube are great for any new users
looking to learn how to use the Libby app.

The download limits and return procedures are the same on both Libby and Overdrive.
Limit three titles at a time and 5 reserves.

There is a glitch with the Overdrive and Libby App notifications, please review the following information for assistance:

  1. The Libby app sends out email notifications OR app-driven device-based notifications.
  2. If you turned on your app-driven device-based notifications, you will not receive email notifications.
  3. The app-driven notifications are not working properly. OverDrive has acknowledged this bug and admits that people are not receiving their notifications via their mobile device. (Nor are they receiving email notifications).
  4. Automatic checkouts are now turned off site-wide.

People are rightly upset about not getting notifications about their holds and then missing their holds (which expire after 48 hours).

Please view these online resources for further information and (hopefully) answers to this problem:

Magazines on Overdrive and Libby:
Bloomberg Businessweek
Car and Driver
The Oprah Magazine
Taste of Home
Country Living
Popular Science
Food Network
Reader’s Digest
And many more…

New titles are added weekly:
Click here to view the most recent 2020 audio books and eBooks available today on OverDrive and Libby!!

Together We Read
OverDrive is also adding a new Big Library Read-like “program,” called Together We Read.
Like the BLR titles, the featured title will be available as “always available” for two weeks, check the website for more details.
This global ebook club will be returning June 22 – July 13 with the ebook and audiobook version of The Darwin Affair by Tim Mason. Set against the backdrop of London in the summer of 1860, The Darwin Affair is a page-turning mystery that will have you guessing until the very end.