Senior Care

Looking for information on senior care and guidance to help in the later stages of life?
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This is a free web resource dedicated to providing useful information to help older adults fulfill their retirement goals. View the most recently published and most easy-to-understand guide on the ins and outs of medicare. This free resource highlights coverage, costs, eligibility and enrollment information, along with answers to some frequently asked questions.
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Care Options and Programs
Many seniors are unaware of the available care options and programs that can help maintain their independence and quality of life.
This free resource provides comprehensive information on topics like financial support, organizations, and available care options that are in every city in New Hampshire that can help senior citizens stay connected with their community. Click here to discover more information. 

Low Income Resources for Seniors

Assisted Living
Assisted Living is a community organization that prioritizes helping those who are disabled and the elderly fully enjoy their healthy years and age gracefully. Our organization creates and publishes comprehensive, unbiased, free web-based resources. We have been featured on the Parkinson’s Foundation, US Department of Health and Human Services – Health Finder, Global Healthspan Policy Institute, and is referenced by many governmental agencies and organizations across the web.

Assisted Living Today
Assisted Living Today is a resource designed to help the disabled and elderly maximize their healthy years and age gracefully. They recently published a much-needed resource for the growing low-income senior population that works to benefit and educate those in our community.
Please visit their website today for more information:

Senior Stories
Click here to read about stories for seniors, from seniors. The stories are provided by library patron, Paul Murphy. Paul is a United States Navy veteran and is a freelance writer living in Deerfield, NH.