Summer Reading Program

This summer it’s time to read, learn, and explore the world outside of your typical classroom!

Each year the Smyth Public Library hosts a Summer Reading Program. Our program asks children of all ages to sign-up and pledge to read a certain number of hours each week; the reading choice is up to the children and can range in length, level of difficulty, and/or genre. Due to the current state of affairs and in compliance with the stay-at home orders, social distancing measures, and uncertainty of when the library will reopen at full capacity, this year’s program has been redesigned. Children are still asked to spend time reading and filling out their time log sheet, but additionally the 2020 Summer Reading Program offers a downloadable guidebook that contains a comprehensive list of at-home activities, crafts, and culinary explorations. Rather than offer one program each week, this year there are three different program categories. The categories are: Read, Learn, Create; Cooks Corner; and Artist of the Week. Each program category contains different activities and ideas to engage children throughout the summer. It is up to you, at home, to decide which category you wish to pursue on any given week or day. You could explore the world of germs, or dive into the phases of the Moon; learn how to cook up a delicious pizza, or blend the perfect summertime smoothie; create a masterpiece like Jackson Pollock, or compose a photo like Ansel Adams. Whatever you choose, our guide of program categories and their corresponding activities contain mini-lessons, material lists, procedures, suggestions, additional resources, and probing questions. All those necessary resources are accessible online, and additional databases and virtual activities can be found below!

Summer Reading PRIZES: 
1. Adults and Teens: Gift cards to Cello’s Restaurant 
2. Children’s: Free Ice Cream

Also, the library has Take & Make bags available with fun crafts to do at home. Please email us at librarian@smythpl.orgif you would like one of these for a curbside pick up.

Click on the document to view the 2020 Summer Reading Log: SPL_SummerReadingLog_2020-4

Download and print the 2020 Summer Reading Log; or stop by the library once it reopens to pick up a copy. Be sure to fill it out as you read throughout the summer and have a parent verify you’re reading. A the end of the summer email or drop off your reading log to the librarians to be recognized for your hard work and receive a prize! All children who finish their reading log will win a gift certificate for free ice cream; and gift certificates to Cello’s will be awarded to the top Teen and Adult readers!  

To view the complete 2020 Summer Reading Program guidebook click on the following document: SPL_SummerReadingProgram_2020

If you are looking for quick access to our program activities, or are trying to decide which activity to view and complete, check out the list below for a breakdown of our three categories. Click on any of the documents below to view the contents, lesson, reading recommendations, and instructions:

Read, Learn, Create
1_Spread of Germs
2_Summer Growth
3_Flying High
4_Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
5_Hey Batter, Batter
6_Moon Phases
7_Making of Books
8_Labyrinth Walks
10_Bird Bonanza

Cooks Corner 
1_Smooth Sailing(beverage)

2_Just Peachy(beverage)
3_Critter Creations(snack)
4_Fruity Flavors(snack)
5_Take a Dip(snack:appetizer)
6_Taco-bout It(breakfast:dinner)
7_Playing with Dough(dinner)
8_Veganize It(dinner:dessert)
9_Shaking Up Dessert(dessert)
10_Timeless Treats(dessert)
11_Let Them Eat Cake(dessert)
12_Additional Cooking Resources

Artist of the Week 
1_Vincent Van Gogh

2_Jackson Pollock
3_Georges Seurat
4_Andy Warhol
5_Salvador Dali
6_Andy Goldsworthy
7_Ansel Adams
8_Auguste Rodin
10_Akira Yoshizawa
11_Le Corbusier
12_Additional Art Resources