Volunteering Around Candia

We now offer information on volunteering around the town of Candia! This page will be updated as available volunteering positions are made known to us.

Volunteer at CYAA:

CYAA Brochure 2016

Candia Conservation Commission website:

Conservation Commission

Get Outside! Candia

Wednesday, May 10, 6:30 pm – 8

Smyth Public Library, 55 High Street, Candia

There are many acres of conservation land in Candia and Bear-Paw has helped protect some of those as part of our efforts to protect the region’s water, wildlife, forests, and farmlands. Where are all these places? Are they open to the public? How do you get to them? Do they have trails? Is there parking? What is there to see when you get there? Why were they conserved? Come find out! Conservation Commission, Heritage Commission, and BearPaw members members will highlight conserved lands and will share their favorite Candia walks.

Great Motto: “People First. Great relationships are the key to a happy personal life and a successful career.” Jane Hoffman

Come to our library on Monday, April 24 to explore Volunteering opportunities and join the ‘Kind Cycle’. You can help kick-start a cycle toward a kinder, gentler world. Psychologists call it “the norm of reciprocity.” If you’re nice to someone, they are likely to be the same to you…and to others. Be always on the lookout for simple ways to boost the kind-o-meter or see below for some fun ideas to put to good use today. (excerpt from GH magazine 12/16)

• Recycle, Reuse (earth911.com) Get in the spring-cleaning spirit: Head out to your garage and look for spare lumber and old containers of paint that may be hidden away. Instead of tossing these items, go to earth911.com and plug in your zip code-the site will tell you where to bring the supplies so another person can put them to good use.

• Pick up some Essential Goodness Mixes ($5, kingarthurflour.com)-For each box sold, the company donates a meal to hunger-relief organization Feeding America.

• Drink Wine, Do Good! Each bottle of One Hope Wine sold helps fund a cause specified on its label. (onehopewine.com)

• Spread Warmth-For every pair of comfy cushion Bombas socks you buy, another is donated to a homeless shelter. (bombas.com)

• Bring back the Birdhouse. With breeding season about to start, do your part to help protect local feathered friends. Find one at your local garden store, or make your own by downloading species-specific instructions from birds.cornell.edu/nestinginfo

• Chew for Change. You’ve heard of walking for charity, but chewing? Now you can do just that with Project 7 Chewing Gum (project7.com). Every time you buy a pack of vitamin-infused peppermint-vanilla, fresh-mint, or mango-mint gum, half of your money goes to nonprofits that support one of seven critical issues, from homelessness to the environment. The socially conscious company is eco-minded as well: The gum and 40-percent-recycled packaging are produced domestically.

• For ways to give back in your area, visit (allforgood.org) the volunteer website for the international non-profit organization Points of Light.

• Hit the Road. A car, a valid driver’s license, and a good driving record let you help patients get to doc appointments through the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery program.

• Get Crafty. Flex your creative muscles by knitting, crocheting, or sewing blankets or making motivational cards for charities like Project Linus and Cards for Hospitalized Kids.

• Bargain Hunters/Flea Market addicts. Use your gathering energy for good and consider World Relief (worldrelief.org/welcome-kits) which assembles welcome kits for refugees starting new homes.