Try out our “Volunteer Your World” ideas

Ramp up your own joy by lending a hand!  Make someone smile by putting change in the tip jar or holding open a door and you’ll feel sunnier in seconds.  A Swiss study found that those who gave to others- no matter how small their deed-were twice as happy as those who didn’t. Helping others lights up the area of the brain that controls happiness creating a “giver’s glow” of joy. Here are some ideas:

We now offer information on volunteering around the town of Candia! This page will be updated as available volunteering positions are made known to us.

Volunteer at CYAA:

CYAA Brochure

Candia Conservation Commission website:

Conservation Commission


“People First. Great relationships are the key to a happy personal life and a successful career.”
– Jane Hoffman

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.”
– Helen Keller, ‘Optimism: An essay’

“It’s important to pay it forward – and not just because it’s the nice thing to do. Studies show that altruism is key to resilience, and thus good health. People over 55 who volunteered with two or more organizations, for example, had a 44 percent lower chance of dying during the study than non-volunteers, according to researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. When 1,500 adults were surveyed about their early educational experiences, it was found that a majority considered a time when they had been asked to ‘help out’ as essential to building self-esteem and motivation. Decades later, they remembered when a teacher asked them to tutor another student or help pass out the milk. Helping others makes us feel competent, improves our problem-solving abilities, and gives us a larger sense of purpose. All of that translates to more resilience.”
– Excerpt from Bounce Back! by Virginia Sole-Smith/March 2017 realsimple.com

Try out our new “Volunteer Your World” ideas at Smyth Public Library. Come to our monthly meeting or check out our website link to find ways you can share your time and skills for the good of others. Here’s a summer holiday idea:

“Give-Back Getaways: Interested in doing good, but can’t find the time in your everyday life? Take a volunteer vacation! Several resorts and organizations offer the chance to give back as you kick back…You choose how much time to donate – hours, days or more – pick your adventure and go.”

Try these:

If you have 2 weeks: metowe.com/trips

If you have 2 days: universalorlando.com

If you have 2 hours: islandroutes.com


Other Ways to Volunteer:
• Answer surveys!Many websites will give to charities simply for getting your opinion! For instance, log on to FreeKibble.com to fill out trivia questions and they will donated kibble to hungry dogs and cats. Or visit OpinionWorld.com, which donates to various charities when you take their paid surveys-so easy. 
• Donate skills!On Catchafire.org, find volunteer opportunities that match your skill set-from coaching to writing to finance-by creating a profile, checking “Open Projects” and applying. It’s a fast way to find an organization in need.
• Team up with the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) this spring to get us all on our feet. Download the free Charity Miles app, choose your charity of choice, lace up those sneaks, and log your activity. (charitymiles.org/movetoimprove)
• Recycle, Reuse (earth911.com) Get in the spring-cleaning spirit: Head out to your garage and look for spare lumber and old containers of paint that may be hidden away. Instead of tossing these items, go to earth911.com and plug in your zip code-the site will tell you where to bring the supplies so another person can put them to good use.
• Join the Kind Cycle. You can help kick-starta cycle toward a kinder, gentler world. If you’re nice to someone, their likely to be the same to you..and to others. Psychologists call it “the norm of reciprocity.” Good Housekeeping magazine calls it the Kind Cycle. Look for ways to do simple ways to boost the kind-o-meter. (excerpt from GH magazine 12/16)
• Essential Goodness Mixes ($5, kingarthurflour.com)-For each box sold, the company donates a meal to hunger-relief organization Feeding America.
• Drink Wine, Do Good! Each bottle of Onehope Wine sold helps fund a cause specified on its label. (onehopewine.com)
• Spread Warmth-For every pair of comfy cushion Bombas socks you buy, another is donated to a homeless shelter. (bombas.com)
• Bring back the Birdhouse. With breeding season about to start, do your part to help protect local feathered friends. Find one at your local garden store, or make your own by downloading species-specific instructions from birds.cornell.edu/nestinginfo.
• Chew for Change. You’ve heard of walking for charity, but chewing? Now you can do just that with Project 7 Chewing Gum (project7.com). Every time you buy a pack of vitamin-infused peppermint-vanilla, fresh-mint, or mango-mint gum, half of your money goes to nonprofits that support one of seven critical issues, from homelessness to the environment. The socially conscious company is eco-minded as well: The gum and 40-percent-recycled packaging are produced domestically.
• For ways to give back in your area, visit (allforgood.org) the volunteer website for the international non-profit organization Points of Light.
• Hit the Road. A car, a valid driver’s license, and a good driving record let you help patients get to doc appointments through the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery program.
• Get Crafty. Flex your creative muscles by knitting, crocheting, or sewing blankets or making motivational cards for charities like Project Linus and Cards for Hospitalized Kids.
• Bargain Hunters/Flea Market addicts. Use your gathering energy for good and consider World Relief (worldrelief.org/welcome-kits) which assembles welcome kits for refugees starting new homes.
• We.org

Family Volunteer Opportunities:
• Use (goodsearch.com) when looking online- each new search donates to a charity you select
• Play WeTopia (Facebook) to earn contributions for charities
• Read-for every book read online the sponsor donates a children’s book (wegivebooks.org)
• Cheer up children with an encouraging homemade card (sendkidstheworld.com)
• Feed the hungry-play Freerice.com online game that donates 10 grains of rice for every correct answer.
• Subtitle a movie for those with hearing impairment (amara.org).
• Rally the troops with cards and care packages with operationgratitude.com
• Knitting-(knit-a-square.com) to help orphans
• Gardening-(ampleharvest.org) to connect
• Crafting-Sell your wares and donate
• Baking-(icingsmiles.org) to help children with life-threatening conditions
• Walking-(charitymiles.org)-earn 25cents/mile
• Sewing-be a blanketeer (projectlinus.org)
• Running-coach (girlsontherun.org)
• Hats-visit (heavenlyhats.org) to give to those in need
• Fitness-inspire vets with social fitness activities (teamrwb.org)
• Decluttering-Give nice work clothes to dressforsuccess.org
• Relaxing-throw a spa party (massagesforcharity.com)
• Join nextdoor.com with neighbors in need

Volunteer Ideas (by category):
• Deliver food (mealsonwheelsamerica.org)
• Set up errand helpers for one in recovery or arrange cleaning at (fordcares.com)
• Give help at local Ronald McDonald houses to families with children in care (rmhc.org)
• Start a Rides Under The Influence group and work in teams as designated drivers on weekends to take party patrons home safely.
• Lend an ear and answer calls forwarded to your phone from a hotline after completing at-home training to direct callers to resources. (dahmw.org)
• Alzheimer’s Association- Melissa Grenier, Regional Manager, NH

• Adopt
• Donate (petco.com) (petmeds.org)(searchdogfoundation.org)
• Supply shelters
• Answer daily trivia at freekibble.com
• Like petango.com on facebook
• Email a free “adopt-a-gram” to animal-loving pals (theshelterpetproject.org)
• Visit theanimalrescuesite.com to donate free
• Volunteer at aspca.org/adoption/shelters
• Tweet adoptapet.com/twitteracritter
• Get your pup portrait and profits go to charity (charitypups.com)
• Check out waysidewaifs.org and petsofthehomeless.org

• Text FOOD to 864233 to donate $10 to UNICEF
• Browse the hungersite.com-free cup of food given
• Pledge support online nokidhungry.org
• Download “One Day” by Toby Lightman on itunes
• Tweet @kraftfightshunger; like Kraft Foods on FB or text “meals” and your zip to 71717 to donate free meals
• Donate $1 for hot meals to 2 children for a day-wfp.org/crisis/horn-of-africa
• Gift seeds for crops for $17-worldvision.org
• Spread the word on drought via Rescue.org/tellcongress
• Click on ‘donate your voice’ at water.org to share the needs
• Support local food banks-organize a food drive host a bake sale or start a group to collect leftovers from farmer’s markets and csa’s.

• Donate to foster kids-casaforchildren.org
• Browse mentoring opportunities at mentoring.org
• Browse help for schools-wellnessintheschools.org
• Give sports equipment to CYAA or bgca.org
• Download EZ Shopper for sale proceeds to The Partnership-shop.drugfree.org/shop/apps
• Donate art supplies for low-income schools-dreamingzebra.org/wishlist
• Give one student a full year of free music lessons for $20 to littlekidsrock.org
• carrythefuture.org-distributes baby carriers to help refugees keep their children safe
• blankets (mvob.org/volunteer)
• Buy kids art (fosterartcompany.com)

• Send snacks (operationtroopappreciation.org)
• Give hope (americanwidowproject.org)
• Assist at homecoming events-enter your zip at (serve.gov/families.asp)
• Organize a baby shower drive (operationshower.org)
• Transfer some frequent-flier miles to Hero Miles for injured soldiers’ families (fisherhouse.org/heromiles.html)
• Recycle old phones (cellphonesforsoldiers.com)
• Adopt a soldier’s pet (netpets.org/fosterhome.php)
• Provide comfort to children (operationhugahero.org)
• Operation:Care&Comfort-hair care donations (occ-usa.org)

• Perform an Act of Green (earthday.org)
• Recycle for other countries-pack your box with stuff and print a free label to mail(communityrecycling.biz)
• National Park Service trailwork (volunteer.gov)
• Habitat for Humanity building crews or donate old tools (habitat.org)
• Vacation with American Hiking Society to rebuild trails and plant trees in parks (americanhiking.org/volunteervacation.aspx)
• Donate gadgets (recyclingforcharities.com)
• Visit nationalservice.gov

Additional Ideas and Resources:

• Use (goodsearch.com) when looking online- each new search donates to a charity you select
• Play WeTopia (Facebook) to earn contributions for charities
• Read-for every book read online the sponsor donates a children’s book (wegivebooks.org)
• Cheer up children with an encouraging homemade card (sendkidstheworld.com)
• Feed the hungry-play Freerice.com online game that donates 10 grains of rice for every correct answer.
• Subtitle a movie for those with hearing impairment (amara.org).
• Rally the troops with cards and care packages with operationgratitude.com
• “What’s Your Secret Power?” By Susie Moore
• Ask yourself these questions-and rediscover your passion.
• What was I like when I was a child? If you could talk to your 10 year old self what might she encourage you to rediscover?
• Which topic can I talk about for hours on end? What makes you feel vibrant, connected, energized?
• If you asked my best friend what I’m awesome at, they would say…”
• What hobbies do I squeeze in-even when there’s no time?
• Is there something you always say you’ll do one day?
• What gives you life?
• Try Volunteermatch.org or nationalservice.gov
• Honor a veteran – The Veterans History Project-established by Congress in 2000 to collect the personal accounts of American veterans from every war so future generations can hear their stories-and you can contribute by donating wartime memorabilia or recording a video or audio interview with a veteran in your family or community.  Find suggested interview topics at LOC.gov/vets, where you can also log on to hear stories other veterans have shared. Send snacks to troops through operationshowourlove.org
or mail to 11975 Amity Road, Brookville, OH 45309.
• Random Acts of Kindness Foundation encourages us to spread joy!  Leave notes of encouragement in random places or see randomactsofkindness.org for more ideas.
• Show a special nurse you care and send a digital thank you. At Dohje.com, deliver your message of gratitude instantly by clicking the “Send a Dohje note” tab, typing in the facility where you received care, identifying your nurse by name and writing a message of thanks!