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Book Reviews for our Little Patrons

You Are Home: An Ode to the National Parks by Evan Turk
A journey across our country discovering the gifts and treasures hidden in our National Parks.
For those who may not be able to visit any parks in person this summer, here is a beautiful way to discover them through the animals who inhabit them via lovely illustrations.  I like that for each park animal feature spread, there is a section at the end that gives more information about the park and its location and the rich wildlife within.  This could be a dream for future family adventures.

The Hike by Alison Farrell
Three little friends and one eager pet skip along on a hike finding a trove of delights along the way.
This darling tale shows the spirit of adventure outdoors and what surprises are around each corner.  This may just encourage your troop to head to the hills, but not without their maps or their sketchbooks which bring a treasure of pictures and memories to carry them along for years.

I’m Sorry by Barry Timms
An owl and a squirrel, the best of friends, find tight quarters and differing plans for their shared space a challenging dilemma. 
A story showing how giving up our own way to make peace brings blessing back around to ourselves.  As these two sweet creatures discover, their respect and love for each other win over and they realize that the compromise is better than they imagined it could be.

Happy Right Now by Julie Berry
A wonderful message of finding gratitude and joy amidst the not so great moments of our lives, this young girl shows us how to live.
What a beautiful way to share with children that we all have things that try to rob our happiness, but reading these precious pages can be a perfect way for little ones (and big ones) to march right past them into living our best and most glorious days in thankfulness every moment.

Explorer Academy: Book One
Review by Elizabeth Jones
Cruz is a twelve year old boy whose mother has died. He has been accepted to go to the same school his mother went to, Explorer Academy, the school for kids around the world that dream of exploring. While he is at the academy, a mysterious man starts stalking him.Soon,Cruz wonders if this man is connected to his mother’s death. Explorer Academy is hiding more secrets than it seems. Make sure to check out this fact filled book full of adventure.

“If you love adventures, I would recommend that you read “The Wishing Spell” from the Land of Stories series. Here is a preview of the first book. 12 year old twins, Alex and Connor, find a secret in their storybook. It leads them to another world- The Land of Stories. Having fallen into their book, Alex and her brother Connor, look for the ingredients for the spell to get them back home. Along the way, they meet people such as: Snow White, Cinderella, and other fairy tale characters. Unfortunately, the Evil Queen (aka, Snow White’s step mother) chases them in their search. Read on to discover what happens. This is an adventure-packed story you will definitely enjoy! There are several additional books in this series that follow along with their adventures.”- Elizabeth Jones, age 9

The Tale of Emily Windsnap
Review by Elizabeth Jones

The Tail of Emily Windsnap
Emily Windsnap has a secret. She lives on a boat with her mom, but she has never swam before. One day, she finally goes to a swimming class, and discovers she is a mermaid! Soon, Emily begins to wonder if there is a connection with the strange lighthouse keeper and with her dad missing. With the help of her friend, Shona, Emily must solve the underwater mystery. Be sure to try this first book of an adventure packed series!