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Historically Black Colleges and Universities aren’t just notable for their history of producing barrier-breaking alumni; they also provide a unique, unmatched learning experience that can help students of all backgrounds achieve their goals!

HBCUs have a long legacy of helping Black Americans gain access to higher education during a time when most colleges and universities restricted enrollment to white (and usually male) students. These institutions often served as hubs for social activism and efforts toward racial equity.

In honor of Black History Month, BestColleges.com created a guide on why students should consider attending an HBCU. Our guide covers the impact HBCUs had on higher education, the value of an HBCU education, advice for students considering an HBCU, and an exclusive interview with Dr. Mila Turner, an HBCU alum and professor!

Help Candia students learn more about the history, power, and prestige of these institutions.


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